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Mrs. Asha R.C.

Let me extend a very hearty welcome to all prospective brothers & sisters who have shown an interest in Paramhansa samsthana.

The major driving force behind my taking up this samsthana project has been the mixed experience of a variety of peoples, with reference to leading their life, failures, developing chronic disorders. This gave me an opportunity of observing very closely various good features of the holistic education system.

Most of the schools & colleges now a days are, unfortunately, following the western pattern of daily routine, holiday plans, catering menus and cultural activities. They teach the technology to use and get better comforts in life. But how to lead a happy & successful life with benefiting your country is no where taught. Therefore, I strongly feel that there is a need for customization in the educational system, reorienting it to Indian culture and traditions. Keeping this in view we have experimented in a small way and initiated a few changes, which have already started bearing fruit.

At the Paramhansa samsthana, we are also cultivating the natural herbs and conserving the forest and nature, which gives fruits in terms of making us healthy, decreasing warming of the environment. The board based, liberal ambistion of the members of the samsthana also helps poor and needy citizens of nearby villages to rise above parochial mindsets and acquire a trur outlook. In addition to this, peoples are trained to learn about the first aid and home made reciepies to cure diseases.we are empowering them to be success in their stride, with all their energies focused on honest and purposeful effort.

I have every hope and belief that The Paramhansa samsthana is going to become a premier institution and holistichealth home of its kind in this part of the world in the near future.


Vice President - Urmaliya firm of Forest conservation & Agriculture
Birsinghpur, M.P.(India).
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