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Donations And Contributions To The Swami Paramhansa Samsthana Movement

There are many ways you can contribute to the SPSS Global Movement. Our organization offers many ways for you to invest your money in spiritual happenings, events and activities! At Paramhansa Samsthana all your efforts will be gratefully accepted as offerings towards the propagation of Holistic system of lifethrough Ayurveda, yoga etc! Your contributions may be in cash or in kind, small or volumninous, for yourself or on behalf of your near and dear ones!


  • Annadaana       
  • Vidyaadaana
  • Other Contributions
  • Sevavrati


  • Considered the noblest form of donation, this contribution will be used towards the food expenses of the meal served to nearby villages. There are about 500 people at any time whenever food is served
  • Sponsor a student! Your contribution here will be used towards the fees of one needy student
  • If you wish to contribute towards Ayurveda, Yoga Research or environment
  • Become a selfless sevavrati working with a passion to serve humanity and Bharatiya Samskrti through SPSS


  • Rs. 10000/- (INR ten thousand only)
  • As you desire
  • As you desire
  • N.A


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  • Write to donate@spss.org

For other options to donate or to contribute for various activities at PARAMHANSA, please write to donate@spss.org

All doners will be sent donation letters / certificates / receipts for the donation


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Donate Us

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