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Mr. Avinash Sharma
Accounting division, SIS India Ltd.

Mr Avinash is basically from the land of Buddha Gaya in Bihar, one of the holy place of Lord Buddha. It is symbol of peace and the peace is also the aim of Mr Avinash.

According to Mr Avinash, there are three peace i.e

  • Internal peace (Mental peace).
  • External peace (Social peace).
  • Environmental peace.

For his internal peace he has joined the way of yoga. Being a commercial employee, he saves time for Yoga to bring internal peace. For maintaining external peace, he gives teaching to the young generations about the unity in all diversities. And lastly to save the planet, which is home for all of us. He wants to start a step, which can become a revolution. At present objectives of wami paramhansa Mr vinash is the advisor for yoga therapy and teachings.


Noida, U.P.(India)
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