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Dr. Vinod

Dr. Vinod

Dr. Vinod is an ayurvedic doctor from the place called called Karnal in Haryana state. As world entered in 21st century, all the places near to NewDelhi started developing in very high speed. This developing speed created a lot of stress in the citizens. These stresses lead to a number of diseases. This story is very much related t Dr Vinod because he has seen the drawbacks to fast developing cities in his own place. He has seen the worsening of people's health. And the problem with him was, every body in this world wants himself to be developed, including him also. Then the problem was how to be distressed in this stressing era?

The answer was Yoga. Therefore he jumped in the field of Yoga. He learnth Yoga from Annamalai University, Chennai and started propagating Yoga from last decade. He conducts yoga & holistic camps for peaceful living and calmness of the mind. The propagation of holistic health is also the aagenda for Paramhansa Samsthana, therefore he has became he strength for making the paramhansa samsthana as a pioneer for health Institutions.


Consultant Emergency Medicines.
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