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MOUMemorandum of Understanding

Gurukrupa Junior High School

School is the base for the future of the country.

About GJHS 

School is the base for the future of the country. The country whose citizens are illiterate will never be developed. Keeping these words in mind Late Shri Badri Narayan Singh has started the school over a decade ago name Guru Krupa Junior high School at the rural area of Jaunpur district in Uttar Pradesh (India). He always believed that we need to educate the villages of the country and by this way our India can develop. The school has more than 300 students at present and is continuously serving the rural area.

Swami paramhansa samsthana aims for siksha in the rural area. Therefore both the organizations shake hands to help each other with a memorandum of understanding.

Swami Paramhansa samsthana is the organization which aims for both ayurveda and herbs conservation. So with the memorandum of understanding, the conserved herbs by SPSS will be used by the Atreya research centre to benefit mankind. At the same time, the students from IIAA & IIAP will be trained practically and theoretically in Atreya Hospital and research centre.

Become Partner

Atreya Ayurvedic Hospital

To apply the science of life in a very practical way the Atreya hospital is putting its full effort from last decade.

Nidan Kendra Hospital

The Nidan Kendra hospital is owned by the very renounced physician Dr Amar nath singh from past 20yrs.

Pasari Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Pasari pharmaceuticals was originally named as Suraj din Harbhookhan pasari firm.

Spandana Holistic Health Centre

Spandana holistic centrel/hospital is the combination of western and Indian system of medicine under the single roof.

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