Integerated Ayurveda-Yoga

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To make the organization, a pioneer in education and service to mankind.
Yoga & Ayurveda is becoming popular day by day. A wave of Holistic health is sweeping across the globe. To introduce yoga as a science of Holistic living and not merely as yoga postures, Various organisations has been offering this course over the last 2 decades all over the globe with great benefits. Now Mrityunjaya resorts is bringing this course with the ambition to make the peoples treated through natural way as well as peoples may know the clinical importance of yoga.


  • Introduction to yoga & its streams
  • Teachings of Vivekananda & applications of yoga
  • Introduction of anatomy & physiology with their applied aspects
  • Introduction of adhija & anadhija vyadhi as well as role of stress
  • Special technique
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Kriya
  • Teaching techniques

In the modern age most of the people are suffering from various diseases besides everyday anxiety and tension. The reason behind is very simple, human beings have lost touch with nature.

According to a recent survey 76% of global drugs are consumed by India and asian countries. We believe that freedom from diseases and drugs can only be achieved by living a natural life style. So we have designed a routine for life style management.

In the same time the teaching techniques depending upon the panch kosas will be taught.i.e

  • Anna Maya kosa
  • Pranamaya kosa
  • Manomay kosa
  • Vijnanamaya kosa
  • Anandmaya kosa

So be prepared and give us a chance to serve u.